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STAR WAITERS star Mitch Kohler coming to the Sun Valley Film Festival screening!

We're thrilled that the STAR WARS fan film STAR WAITERS has been selected to screen at the 2012 Sun Valley Film Festival and that star Mitch Kohler, who dreamed up this whole Make-A-Wish idea, will be coming to Sun Valley Film Festival screening with his mother and family and friends, having swapped out his R2D3 Segway for an R2D4 Speeder chair.  Academy Award winning filmmaker Ben Shedd, one of the film’s Producers, and Director Jesse Cordtz will also be at the screening.  The STAR WAITERS saga continues....  

May the Fork be with You!

STAR WAITERS Free Children’s Programming Screening at the Sun Valley Film Festival Saturday March 17th 11AM at the Magic Lantern Theater in Ketchem, Idaho


Twelve-year-old Mitch Kohler of Boise had always wanted to be in a Star Wars movie. Through Make-A-Wish Foundation of Idaho, his wish came true. The hilarious 35-minute Star Waiters fan movie gave Mitch a chance to learn the world of movie production and make him a "Star" in the lead role of Luke PieWalker.

STAR WAITERS, together with an 8 minute long Behind-The-Scenes documentary, tell the much bigger story of movie-making dreams, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and the support of the Idaho Treasure Valley community.  The wish granters for this project were Eran Hogan & Riverstone International School students One Stone community service club.

STAR WAITERS received the Audience Favorite Award, Best Comedic Short, at the Idaho International Film Festival and the Make-A-Wish Foundation of America selected STAR WAITERS, out of 13,200 wishes granted in 2009, for it’s annual INFINITE WISH of the Year Award, for best showing bringing a community together to grant a child’s wish.

Directors: Mitch Kohler, Jesse Cordtz, Shana Kendall
Producers: Mitch Kohler, Patty Terrabery, Jesse Cordtz, Rachel Cherny, Ben Shedd

Executive Producers: Nancy Berry, Make-A-Wish Foundation of Idaho; Teresa Poppen, One Stone; Ben Shedd

Film Making Mentor: Ben Shedd

The Make-A-Wish Foundation of Idaho thanks everyone who supported making this movie wish happen, including LucasFilm Ltd., Sister Sledge, the volunteer professional filmmakers, our many vendor supporters, and 200 of our dancing-in-the-street friends.

Running time: U.S., 43 min.

Mitch's Make-A-Wish movie STAR WAITERS is also playing on Youtube. Join over 12,900 viewers who have watched "Mitch's Make-A-Wish Movie" on YouTube at:


The Make-A-Wish Foundation of Idaho’s STAR WAITERS 
movie/wish screening at the 2012 Sun Valley Film Festival

Producing on location. Photos by Craig Clark